about me

Sue Robins is a
New York Times published writer, speaker and mother of three.  Her youngest son has Down syndrome.  Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2017 and has recently completed active treatment. This life experience grants her the unique perspective of being both a patient and caregiver in the health system.

She is passionate about family leadership, patient & family engagement, storytelling and nurturing compassion in health care, human services and education settings.

Sue’s work experience over the past decade includes paid family leadership positions with Kinsight, BC Children’s Hospital and the Stollery Children’s Hospital.  She is also the senior partner in Bird Communications, a health communications company in Vancouver & Edmonton.

Sue has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a post-degree certificate in Health Care Administration.  She attended the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care Intensive Seminar in 2008 and graduated from the Professional Communications program from Royal Roads University in 2012.

She has written a book about the patient and family experience called Bird’s-Eye View. It is a book of stories of a life lived in health care.  It will be published in fall 2019 by Hambone Publishing.  Fill out the form here to be notified of pre-sale + publishing dates and details of events.

Interested in Sue as a speaker?  Click here.
Sue’s patient and family centred care consulting work is here.
Her writing portfolio is here.

contact:    sue@birdcommunications.ca

3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Heidi Gibb says:

    Sue I was thinking of you and Aaron the other day after I saw you in the paper…I love the blog…a passion for food wine and travel I should have guessed. I also heard you did a wonderful talk to the SLPs maybe we could have you do the same for us if life is not to crazy.
    ps I would love to see more pisc of the little man who much be venturind into kindergarden!!!

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